About Us

We are ecstatic to announce the teaming of Bluegrass Xpress Baseball Club and The Lexington Grays Baseball Club

Over the past ten years both teams have become household names when it comes to youth baseball. Each has earned a reputation of premier travel baseball programs in and around Kentucky.

We will both be operating under the name of Commonwealth Baseball Club! As both clubs  were formed with the same goal in mind, offering leading age groups of 13U through 18U, we will continue on this journey of development of baseball skills for young athletes through education, training and intense competition.  Organized as a non-profit (501C3), Commonwealth Baseball Club will raise funds through participation fees, sponsorships and charitable donations to help cover the costs of tournament fees, uniforms and coaching staff.  Simply put, our goals are to help every baseball player achieve their individual destination.

Tryouts for the 2020 summer season will take place in August. Each player will be individually evaluated and placed on a team depending on their level of desire to travel.  Each age group will offer 3 levels:

Xpress:  3-4 overnight tourneys with no limitation to distance

Grays: 1-2 overnight tourneys focusing on OH, IN, TN, GA 

Hustlers:  All tourneys within 1 hour of Central KY.

We are excited for this new venture and look forward to another great season.

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